Tuesday, 13 August 2013


I've just posted up a list on Lead Adventure, so do go along and take a look. There might be something we can swap!


Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Back in the 1980's the wonderful art of Russ Nicholson featured heavily in White Dwarf, Fighting Fantasy gamebooks (what fun they were) and The Fiend Folio. Following a recent post on Russ' blog I thought I would dig out a few figures that seem to have been based on his work (he confirmed my comment that he remembers Citadel sending him some samples).

First up, one of my favourite figures produced by Citadel in the good old days The Dark Creeper (sold as a Gnome assassin in the Fiend Factory range). What a great sneaky pose

The Skeleton warrior is in a different pose, but wearing exactly the same armour tunic and headband

 The Styx Devil (marketed as a Satanic angel). I remember this was produced way before the Fiend Folio was published,

A quick flick through the Fiend Folio and I can't find any more directly relating to Russ' art (except the Grell perhaps?). 

Sunday, 4 August 2013


Just back from a week on The Lizard in Cornwall which was very pleasant...good weather but not too hot, and a Famous Five type holiday for the 3 boys with lashings of ginger beer.

Here is another unit from my old Chaos marauder/Vanir army featuring my favourite figure of all time, Hecatron by Ral Partha. I always pick this fellow up if I see one for sale and have about 17 so far. Here are the ones painted to form The Hammerheads, foremost into battle with an unstoppable charge

As I have 5 minutes and the rest of the family are helping out at the local community allotment scheme (too much like a busmans holiday for me) I thought I would have a gripe about the Oldhammer scene as I see it. Firstly I don't really participate in the forums so perhaps my moaning is unwarranted as I am not contributing anything to the movement, but as I see it Oldhammer seems to have changed direction since it's inception, and become a sort of Games Workshop but just using old figures. Initially (at least to my understanding) Oldhammer was about re-capturing the spirit of early Warhammer, using any figures you had to hand in ragtag units of mixed races and cocking a snook at the laws laid down by GW , breaking free of the fetters they place on the imagination (and the wallet), but recent posts on Oldhammer blogs now state otherwise. Now Oldhammer means having  a collection of rare and expensive Citadel (and only Citadel mark you) figures , painting them in original Citadel Colour paints (which I always thought were crap) and playing third edition.... 

this does sound to me a little dictatorial and smacks of the gaming sessions at GW shops. Not that it affects me in the slightest, and I will happily use pre-slotta Ral Partha giants next to 1990's GW High Elves or 1970's Minifigs skeletons (or indeed 2010 GW skeletons which I covet).... it just seems a shame that the community has lost it's main attraction to me. No disrespect is intended by the way to the  Oldhammer players, I still love your collections and painting!.